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The Rolling Chute Donation bin is designed to easily accept extra-large bags of clothing and small appliances while keeping unwanted individuals out! This donation bin is recommended to be placed in high theft risk locations due to its design. Chute functionality is very easy, with bungee cord assistance to easily allow donators to push product into the bin. Pair this bin with the Extra Heavy Duty lock cover for even more security/theft prevention.

This bin is manufactured out of 14 & 16 gauge hot rolled steel, MIG welded, seam sealed inside and out and satin coated floor. Elevated off the ground to allow access for pallet jack and fork-lift. Each bin is painted with a high gloss top-coat paint and fully customizable graphics!

Locking Devices Available for the Rolling Chute Donation Bin


Function and Dimensions of Rolling Chute Model Donation Bin (Click image below to enlarge)


Donation Bins – Rolling Chute Bin – Rangeview Fabricating Inc. from Rangeview Fab. on Vimeo.