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Canada is facing an extreme shortage of PPE for our front line workers.

We have started a donation program using our bins by collecting PPE from the public and business sector. We have donation bins available to help collect masks, gloves, sanitizer and other PPE but need your help!

If you have a location that is willing to host a Covid-19 Collection Bin call us today!

To find our current PPE Donation Bin locations see map below:


“Rangeview has been extremely useful allowing us to create clothing collection bins with an assortment of wraps both in French and English and with messaging that was reflective of the Salvation Army and or community partners. The bins have proved to be durable and to Rangeview Fabricating’s credit the price has remained stable and very reasonable. Delivery of bins from order to placement to availability has been well within reason and Rangeview offers us the flexibility to pick up or delivery. 

Rangeview has become a trusted supplier and i would have no issue recommending their products or services to another organization and have do so previously.”

Bill May – National Property Manager – The Salvation Army Thrift Store

“I wanted to thank you and the team at Rangeview for having provided us with thousand of donation bins over the past 20 years. Beyond the value, quality and timely delivery, we find your ability to quickly customize and be innovative has been very helpful. It’s also great that we are able to buy Made in Canada!”

-Scott Ebenheart – Director Business Development – National Diabetes Trust


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